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Professional Consultancy & Advice for land, property, construction, waste, transport and oil and gas industries across the UK and overseas.

Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation

From phase 1 desk studies and environmental assessments to Phase 2 investigations, phase 3 remediation and, finally, phase 4 validation, Ivy House Environmental have the experience and resources to assess and quantify environmental risks and liabilities across a wide spectrum of land, property and development scenarios.

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Environmental Advisory to the Oil and Gas Industry

Our project experience in the oil and gas industry across Europe and the Gulf States includes due diligence, dilapidation and environmental liability surveys and more.

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Environmental Permitting & Landfill Management

Consultancy services for clients who require or hold environmental permits and our landfill management operations are a significant proportion of our workload, be it permit applications for waste management operations, dye works, chemical works, agricultural operations, land restoration projects, quarry, mine or brownfield reclamation works.

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Ground Investigations and Geotechnical Design

Alongside site investigations for contaminated land assessment we design and implement investigations to obtain geotechnical design parameters for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

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Construction Waste Management

We provide services to land owners, developers, recycling, waste management and aggregate contractors and producers to develop WRAP protocols, materials management plans (MMP) and waste minimisation.

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