Oily Sands Remediation

Oily Sands Remediation, Oman, TradeBe 2015/16

Ivy House Environmental’s managing director spent three years working in the Sultanate of Oman in the early 2000’s and has retained many social and work contacts across the Gulf region ever since. Discussing his experience with an associate led to a chat with a manager for a Spanish hazardous waste management company (TredeBe) who had just won a five year contract to manage hazardous waste for the national oil company (Petroleum Development Oman – PDO).

As part of the contract was to remediate up to one million tonnes of hydrocarbon contaminated sand, sludge and soil at six locations across the desert interior, Richard’s expertise and knowledge of the country and the operational set up in the interior were invaluable to the newly established TradeBe office in Muscat.

Our Skillset Provided: Remediation, Hazardous Waste, Hydrocarbon Contamination

Initially, Ivy House developed a scope of works and a suite of operational method statements for the project to aid TradeBe in the setting up of the project and their operations in the interior  and to satisfy their client’s  and the ministry of environment requirements.

On New Years day 2016 Ivy House Environmental flew out to Muscat to meet the TradeBe team in Muscat and to complete a week’s worth of site visits across the length of the country. We visited six waste sites which contained a variety of contaminated wastes from drilling operations, flowline leaks and construction projects with the aim of assessing waste characteristics, contaminant concentrations and providing a baseline for formulating draft method statements for each site and waste category.

The visit provided us with an overview of current operations across the interior desert and generated sufficient data for Ivy House to develop an operational strategy for each waste site. Technical advisory services continue with Ivy House specifying sampling and analytical methodologies for the remedial works, plant requirements and detailing health and safety considerations. As the project moves into its operational phase, Ivy House Environmental are keeping a watchful eye on developments across the desert.

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