Waverley Community Project

Waverley New Community, Rotherham. 2012 – Ongoing

Our client, Pureland Ltd, had acquired the rights to operate a restoration project at the site of the former Orgreave Colliery in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The project was to be managed under the principles of the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) formulated for the creation and long term use of 30 acres of high quality public open space.

Ivy House Environmental worked with Pureland to complete an application for a bespoke environmental permit for the restoration of the site using over 500,000t of inert soils generated from local construction projects; in completing the permit application Ivy House submitted a materials Recovery Plan to provide a detailed specification for the restoration works along the lines of the BAP, a Construction Phase Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) to ensure that the works were protective of the existing fauna and flora and a site condition report to provide baseline environmental conditions.

Our Skillset Provided: Environmental Permits, Site Condition Report, Construction Phase Environmental Management

The permit application also required detailed site specific risk assessments and method statements for the assessment and management of dust, contamination, pests, drainage and surface run-off, mud, odour, noise and traffic management. Alongside these, a Quality Management System (QMS)  was produced for the management and monitoring of the restoration works.

The site has now been in operation for nearly four years and Pureland’s management of the restoration project has been exemplary. Ivy House have provided further consultancy services to the project for the import of materials under a CL:AIRE Materials Management Plan and for the extension of the environmental permit.

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