The foundations really do run deep…


Ivy House have recently finished working alongside demolition contractors at a derelict industrial site, providing environmental supervision and specialist support, in order to provide a site ready for residential development.

The site which was located in the Derbyshire foothills was steeply sloped in places, and as it had expanded over decades of operation, terraces were created to house various foundries, offices and warehouses.  This created complex ground conditions as many previous structures had simply been built upon with significant depths of tanks, drains and fill being unearthed. Site works were further complicated by the presence of invasive plant species and a culverted watercourse, which traversed the steepest part of the site.


As the floor slabs were broken out, Ivy House were on hand to determine whether the underlying material showed signs of contamination (or whether or not we had uncovered another buried slab!).  As these layers were stripped away, a comprehensive sampling and analysis exercise was implemented to facilitate a contaminated land risk assessment.


On the whole, the site didn’t show widespread contamination; however, buried coal tar containing tarmac and asbestos were noted in discrete areas, which were delineated and treated by either excavation or remedial capping. By working in close co-ordination with the demolition team, and liaising with the Local Authority EHO, Ivy House were effectively able to investigate a physically complicated site, remediate and reengineer the development platform and deliver the site to the developer ‘suitable for redevelopment’.


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