Summer 2018 is on track for record-breaking prolonged high temperatures. However, this could mean that as a property owner, you may be at risk of ground subsidence, which is caused when the foundations beneath a property become unstable.

The heatwave is a contributing factor as it dries out the ground, creating soil shrinkage. Futhermore, trees close to your property could be exacerbating the issue. Older properties are likely to have relatively shallow foundations, meaning they may be most prone to instability.

At Ivy House, we can offer specialist help through subsidence assessments and can partner with structural engineers to assess and design remedial actions . Early diagnosis is key, signs of subsidence are mainly noticed from cracks appearing in the inside or outside of your property on one side, so please keep a look out. 


We are preparing for our Harvest Festival which will be taking place on Thursday 27th September!

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The picture shows a hand drawn picture of ground subsidence occuring from a tree absorbing all the moistureThe picture shows cracking in the outside walls caused by ground subsidence

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